About the photographer

The photographer

Gary Beilby is a veterinarian, ecologist, digital media artist and avid photographer. From the earliest years developing black and white film in his parent's laundry darkroom, Gary has now discovered the joy of digital photography, and as so many of you have found, it has changed everything, allowing things never before achievable.

Much of the work you see here is available in a range of print sizes. In addition Gary is available for any photographic project within Western Australia, schedule permiting, and has a preference for studio and outdoor work with animals, including wildlife, pets and domestic stock. Please call 0418 936 418 or Email gary at beilby dot com.

Current kit;

  • Canon 40d body
    • Canon 10-22mm EF-S zoom
    • Canon 24-105mm L-IS zoom
    • Canon 100-400mm L-IS zoom
    • Canon 100mm EF Macro
  • Canon 350d body
    • Sigma 18-200mm zoom
  • Canon 430EX flash & Elinchrom wireless trigger
  • Vivitar slave flash
  • Timer remote for 40d
  • Wireless remote for 350d
  • Mobile wildlife hide
  • Mobile 6m x 3m frame with muslin drops
  • Light tent