Don't feed the wildlife!
Don't feed the wildlife!
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Not an exciting photo today, but an important message that clearly isn't getting enough airplay in the area of Tomato Lake, Kewdale. Everybody likes to "feed the ducks", but few seem to realise the problems associated with regularly feeding significant amounts of our food seconds, such as bread, chips, vegetables, scraps and other leftovers to these wild creatures who happened to be based rather close to our homes. These Dusky Moorhens are munching into a pile of cooked white rice that had been dropped onto the grass at the edge of the lake. These sorts of foods do not provide the correct nutritional balance for these birds causing deficiencies and predisposing them to disease. Bread, in particular, can ferment in the gut causing bacterial infections. In addition, much of these scraps thrown into waterways such as Tomato Lake are not eaten and settle to the bottom of the lake where they rot causing levels of bacteria to rise potentially triggering outbreaks of toxic diseases such as botulism which can kill many waterbirds. And finally, regular feeding of any sort fairly quickly causes many birds to lose their fear of humans - and while those doing the feeding invariably mean well - there are many other people in our community who delight in animal cruelty, and by feeding you are stripping these amazing creatures of their only defence against such pathetic individuals. Don't let them lose their fear.

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