Australian Pipit
Australian Pipit
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Well, after 2 days of hyping you'd think I'd be able to come up with something a bit more exciting than a small undistinguished brown bird that is listed as common and has a range that takes in the entire Australian continent - even Taswegia. For all you seasoned ornithologists out there, who are thinking "a Pipit? What was all the fuss about?" let me tell you this guy was pretty exciting to watch, and I, for one, have never seen such a bird before. We came across him right up on the peak of Boyagin Rock, where he was darting about the exposed surface, quite a distance from any trees. Despite me stalking him with the bazooka lens he never took to flight, instead running outrageously fast for someone limited to one inch legs, belting from moss patch to grass tussock, darting around hunting for insects, yet never taking an eye off me. Of course we were convinced we had come across some rare species of Rock Darter (don't look that up, there is no such thing) and followed him for quite some time. Hell, it might have even been a new species. Ok, no, I didn't really think that last bit. But when you get down on hands and knees with the macro lens and study the extrodinarily complex moss ecosystems with their myriad of plants, fungi, tiny spiders and even tinier insects; all operating in a time-frame that would make us look like gigantic slow-motion statues - you can begin to imagine what sort of a huge terrifying beast this bird would present as.

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