Bush Stone-Curlew
Bush Stone-Curlew
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While not quite the same wild capture of David's, this shot, taken at a Royal Show wildlife display, sure has the detail! I just love the sardonic expression these birds always seem to carry.

4 Comments on "Bush Stone-Curlew"

  • owen // 2006-05-15 03:08:14

    What outstanding detail you've captured here. Pretty eyes too.
  • david kleinert // 2006-05-15 19:37:50

    Awesome close up Gary! so much detail..I love the eyes on these birds! cheers ;)
  • Leisa // 2006-05-19 01:12:45

    the details and focus on this guy are superb Doc .. wonderful!!
  • Ana // 2006-05-23 22:25:19

    This reminds me of something...but I can't put my finger on it..some sort of sad doll expression.....

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