Little Pied Cormorant
Little Pied Cormorant
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This is a picture of pain. Not the birds. If anything they were having a right giggle. It was me. I was heading up the freeway by the river this morning again and was more determined to catch some of the birds on the water's edge. So I wheeled out of the traffic, pulled up in the emergency lane, fixed my long lens and nimbly leapt the fence separating the freeway from the river's edge. Sadly no one informed my right ankle about the nimble leaping bit. I landed sideways on a particularly arthritic ankle and collapsed to the bicycle-way in a red mist of pain. These birds were the most imediate audience to my display of skill but managed to hold their laughter in check. These birds grow up to about half a metre, and tend to flock in chaotic formations rather than V-patterns. They are found around most coastal areas of Australia and have a recognisable tuk-tuk-tuk call. I'm sure these birds have seen photographers before, but I suspect photographers who take photos while crying, whimpering and hobbling around where a different experience for them.

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  • david kleinert // 2006-04-29 08:10:50

    sorry to hear about the ankle mate! But anyway this is a great photo - awesome detail in the bird on the right..cheers ;)
  • owen // 2006-04-30 19:09:35

    They're beautiful. I've been trying to get a decent photo of our Cormorants for a while now, but they're nothing like as good-looking as these. I hope your ankle heals soon :)

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