Weird anomaly
Weird anomaly
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Ok - now this is funky. I was out before dawn this morning shooting piccies across the Swan River (as is my want). I had little interest in the huge crane on the horizon and was focused on the birdlife (as is my want) until I noticed some weird bright thing in the sky. It wasn't until I zoomed right in with the big lens that I suddenly realised I was actually looking at a weird bright thing in the sky! Yes indeed. That bright object you see is unrelated to the crane, the plane or the wheeling gull. It sat there almost motionless, not unlike a stellar body would, making me wonder if it was a comet or similar. Over time it appeared to change shape a bit leading me to think it was some sort of flare from the sun - but how? The sky was perfectly clear, and the sun was about to rise some 20 degrees to the left of this view. Any suggestions?

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  • Peter // 2006-04-27 17:35:26

    It seems like in motion for me, got some sort of a blur. I actually thought it's a "falling star" (shooting star or comet or what it is in inglese), but then you say it was motionless..., a UFO indeed, wether related to any alien inteligence or not is kinda irrelevant as I like the busyness of this image very much.
  • Peter // 2006-04-27 17:36:04

    hoops - have you recognized that this is photo No. 666 - ?!
  • Bob // 2006-04-27 19:44:27

    No idea Gary. Rule out meteorite as it would have been moving very very fast. No comets look like that to my knowledge and such a phenomenon would have been noted by astronomers for months in advance. So, what is left? ... looks like you captured a UFO!
  • owen // 2006-04-28 04:17:30

    Looks like a con trail to me, but you say it was motionless? weird.
  • Tony // 2006-04-28 06:51:39

    Don't know about your UFO but is that someone standing on top of your crane?? I assume that'd be a bloody long way up!!
  • StormAngel // 2006-04-28 09:14:34

    like to see an unfiltered pic to get a better idea
  • daniel // 2006-04-28 10:43:20

    Undoubtedly plane-droppings. Probably trying to get some of their own back on those pesky birds. (Looks like the plane almost got the timing perfectly right too). Interestingly, I saw a shooting-star last night that seemed to stop halfway through it's descent, hang for a bit then continue on down. Was so long and vivid that I almost expected there to be some atomic boom as it crashed into the earth.. but nothing that exciting occurred!
  • Kim // 2006-04-28 14:48:49

    Heck, I was so in awe of the fact that you captured the bird, the plane and the guy up on the crane so vividly that the bright thing in the sky wasn't a question for me. But, before I read your description I finally did wonder what it was. Hmmm, a weather balloon?
  • Peter // 2006-04-28 17:41:15

    how long have you observed this Doc? Is that possible that it was moving in such angle that it seemed stationary from your point of view? Only 'cos i still suspect some motion due to its shape.
  • ROB // 2006-04-28 21:50:01

    No idea, but very cool shot. Exellent capture of the both birds and the crane.
  • Gary // 2006-04-28 21:52:54

    Great input guys - Tho some lack of trust from Stormy there. I can assure you the image is basically unfiltered. Bumped up the brightness from my original exposure is all. Also, I am quite sure the shape that looks like a person isn't - if it was I think he would be at least 3 metres tall - note the size of the crane cabin. I feel it must be some sort of flare from the sun, somehow relating to differing layers of the atmosphere. Weird for sure.
  • MarkS // 2006-05-02 21:07:25

    While there is a comet currently approaching earth (or should I say the remains of a comet) it's not visable from earth ... no not even with your mighty canon 100-400. My guess is it's reflected light from contrail or exhaust from a high flying jet moving almost directly away (so distance/hight + low angle tangent = looks almost stationary). PS Doc you are really starting to excel with your work here, always been good but in the last few months you've done some of your best shots ever.

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