Tower, are we cleared?
Tower, are we cleared?
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Remarkably, this is the same great egret as in this shot. Large birds in flight are a truly stunning sight - as last year's ANZANG winner can atest. :) Pic of the day: Love this barn Chuck has captured.

7 Comments on "Tower, are we cleared?"

  • micki // 2006-03-18 04:29:12

    Great capture!
  • owen // 2006-03-18 05:16:08

    oh wow, yeah I love that. I love the way everything (ahem) seems to be hanging low - the neck, the neck I mean!!
  • David Kleinert // 2006-03-18 06:16:09

    Nice capture! Hows the 100-400mm going? Getting one myself next week..can't wait. cheers :)
  • Leisa // 2006-03-18 06:28:40

    Excellent Doc!! and so is the ANZANG site some fantastic photos
  • Gary // 2006-03-18 09:42:57

    Life has been more than a bit turbulent at the moment Dave. Haven't been getting out as much as I'd like. Been several weeks since I have used the long lens. However - you _will_ love it. :)
  • Peter // 2006-03-18 22:00:04

    i was always woundering (right spelling?) why they fly with their neck like that, it'd seem more comfortable for me to have it streched..., don't get it... , however it's a great great shot
  • Lui­s Violante // 2006-03-21 07:15:16

    Wow, it doesn't look like the same great egret. :) Nica capture

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