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No words tonight.

8 Comments on "Mute"

  • Neanderthal // 2006-03-09 23:23:29

    No Comment
  • Kim // 2006-03-10 02:24:42

    My first thought when I saw this picture was of the American TV Series "CSI". Do you get any American TV series there? Italy gets the most popular series from America, but they are all dubbed in Italian. It's so fun watching your favorite show in a different language. Great shot.
  • owen // 2006-03-10 03:55:29

  • daniel // 2006-03-10 08:08:31

    No words needed!!! The shot says them all! I love it.
  • Wilson // 2006-03-10 08:16:54

    Looks like some movie poster ad. Interesting.
  • Gary // 2006-03-10 09:56:11

    Heh - we get every successful US TV show/series there is I'm pretty sure. We get at least 3 different flavours of CSI. This was actually taken at the Bindoon Dirt Drags last year. The gents in the pic were a couple of Coffin Cheaters from memory. This was on the Saturday night, shortly before the Metal Mulisha performance started.
  • lino from Oz // 2006-03-10 16:22:52 ........coming !!!!!!
  • Micki // 2006-03-11 08:47:11

    No words needed on this one. Fantastic image. My first thought was Rock Stars walking off stage after the show.

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