Pelican and he knows he can
Pelican and he knows he can
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A lone australian pelican drifts silently across part of the dredged moat surrounding Herdsman Lake Regional Park at dusk. This place is another heart warming example of wetland restoration gone right. The number and variety of birds here absolutely stunned me when I was there last weekend. Pic of the day: Jeremy's Phototext has been home to some fascinating post processing effects recently.

6 Comments on "Pelican and he knows he can"

  • Lino // 2006-02-18 00:06:31

    Absolutely beautiful. It looks like an oil painting.
  • KK // 2006-02-18 09:25:31

    Hehehe funny title. I LOVE this shot, perfect colours and angling.
  • anne // 2006-02-18 13:52:02

    Beautiful shot.
  • Kim // 2006-02-18 17:24:51

    Gorgeous! The colors and composition are fantastic. I really like how the pelican is silhouetted.
  • Otto K // 2006-02-19 03:50:21

    Terrific shot. Great color and composition.
  • jeremy // 2006-03-21 16:16:09

    Gary, cheers, most kind of you.

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