Bird nerding
Bird nerding
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I ran into my good friend Kath today ****waves**** and caught up a year's absence. She has been getting into waveskiing and was describing the delights of paddling out on the Swan after dark and quietly floating along the river and spotting possums and so on. Then she came out with the term "Bird nerding", and it struck a chord. I had to admit I had been doing a bit of bird nerding as well. So that's my word for the day. Well, words. Pic of the day; Lenscape is yet another impressive blog under the blog site. This photo is masterful.

7 Comments on "Bird nerding"

  • Chuck // 2006-01-31 23:31:13

    I have to admit, I've never heard of "bird berding" thaks for the lesson. Nice shot today.
  • Dean // 2006-02-01 06:08:07

    Great shot, love the web name by the way. Great composition here.
  • Lino // 2006-02-01 10:53:19

    Nerding is not in the dictionary. What is the meaning. About your photo: Marvellous.
  • Beilby // 2006-02-01 11:31:45

    Heh - great to see your comments again Lino. Sorry for the colloquialisms. Check the Wikipedia definition for a Nerd. The suffix -ing- on the end of Nerd is terrible English, but it suits the description. :)
  • Neanderthal // 2006-02-01 12:36:17

    Nerding defines your interests well. So how nerdy are you ask? Take the Nerd Test
  • Peter // 2006-02-01 17:22:21

    So can someone get benerded? Lovely photo today indeed!
  • ChickyBabe // 2006-02-02 07:22:42

    Why not "bird geeking"? :) I like how it's set against a little motion in the water.

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