Pink and grey galah
Pink and grey galah
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My closest, sharpest image yet of a bird in flight. Shot through the sigma lens.

13 Comments on "Pink and grey galah"

  • david // 2006-01-13 09:26:33

    Great capture! I agree, it is nice and sharp. I thought you must have used the new 100-400 IS!
  • Beilby // 2006-01-13 10:05:01

    Yeah - you would think so. This was from the Alfred Cove shoot last weekend, before I had the Canon lens. I was just lucky enough to have this fellow decide to land on the grass nearby.
  • Peter // 2006-01-13 20:49:52

    I love parrots, they're funny. And You are sharp as..., :)
  • Bob // 2006-01-13 21:12:48

    WOW!!!! I am awarding you my semi-regular WOW award today! What a fantastic shot!
  • Beilby // 2006-01-13 22:15:08

    Wow-award from Forgingahead!Woohoo! I scored a WOW. :)
  • Beilby // 2006-01-13 22:18:48

    I'm really honoured Bob. You said some lovely things over there.
  • Chuck // 2006-01-13 23:01:24

    Agree with Bob, Wow for sure. I've just added this blog to my list of daily visits.
  • Luis Violante // 2006-01-14 06:41:42

    Perfect! Awesome! Definitely WOW :) Congratulations!
  • susanlavonne // 2006-01-14 20:58:17

    A truly stunning photograph!
  • Jill // 2006-01-16 06:43:41

    This is a great capture! And the bird is so pretty. Has a lot of grey like mine... it looks so much like a parrot.
  • ren // 2006-01-19 21:39:04

    A wonderful image imdeed. Wonderfully sharp with a nice composition. Well done.
  • Basia // 2006-01-26 16:48:32

  • kate // 2006-01-29 08:16:27

    amazing capture! beautiful bird!

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