Love begins with an 'L'
Love begins with an 'L'
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Near sunset last night I went back to the small remnant pond in Kewdale where my wildlife photography passion began. Only this time, instead of the Konica-Minolta Z1, I was armed with my 350d and L series tele zoom. Oh boy. And while my photographic technique has definitely come a long way with daily posting to this blog, I wasn't actually doing much different yesterday. Just sitting by the pond and waiting for opportunities really. The biggest change for me has been the improvement in my knowledge of the wild species I see now. These are australian shelducks. And that answers a question I asked with a similar posting way back then as they were also shelducks. :)

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  • david // 2006-01-11 13:25:54

    Great action shot - that new lens is worth every cent!

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