A siege of ibis
A siege of ibis
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I have just learned from a wonderful new wildlife book my folks thoughtfully gave me for Christmas, that what I have been calling the sacred ibis is now known as the australian white ibis. So today I know more than yesterday. That is a good thing. I also know that the book in question is damn fabulous. It is specific to the Perth region, covers all forms of Australian wildlife (animals, plants, and even fungi!), and most usefully it details every good wildlife location in the greater Perth region. This morning I rose at dawn and headed to Alfred Cove - a spot the book mentions as excellent for migratory waders and many other aquatic birds. And it wasn't wrong - I was stunned at the number and variety of wild birds, including several species I have never seen before. I even got a pic (albeit ordinary) of a long-toed stint - considered 'scarce' here. It was a great morning, and I have many more photos from the shoot to post. :) Today's fave blog posting comes from Extrajection, a site I have enjoyed for some time. I love this composition.

4 Comments on "A siege of ibis"

  • Dave // 2006-01-06 13:08:39

    Nice action shot. The morning light gives nice colour to the Ibis.
  • owen // 2006-01-06 20:09:14

    Wonderful - what fantastic looking creatures. That book sounds great!
  • Ryan // 2006-01-08 12:11:10

    Wow...great composition! Love the clarity too.
  • ChickyBabe // 2006-01-10 19:09:12

    Lovely shot! And you've captured such detail!

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