Baudin's dream
Baudin's dream
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When I was young I really enjoyed water colour painting. This was about my only triumph over a pathetically perfectionist nature that tended to see me not enjoy many things I should have because I couldn't do them to my satisfaction. Water colour, I told myself, was an extremely difficult art to master, and I insisted on no expectations for my work. Some of my paintings were ok, most were very ordinary - but I really enjoyed the process, and that was the key. This, of course, is a digital mock water colour. And I really enjoy the digital simulation process as well. The birds are a company of cockatoos (I'm really getting into collective nouns) - Baudin's, or long-billed black-cockatoos specifically. Today's pic of the day comes from A sometimes whimsical and frequently jaw-dropping blog. The photographer takes many of her landscapes travelling around the US on a motorbike. A lady after my own heart.

5 Comments on "Baudin's dream"

  • owen // 2006-01-05 16:05:05

    Wow - this is stunning. I really like this mock watercolour effect and the orange is very striking.
  • Bob // 2006-01-05 21:12:29

    Very nice use of the digital painitng tools!
  • Luis Violante // 2006-01-05 23:34:53

    Very good modification! The colors are great and the birds give this photo a lot of life! ;)
  • nogger // 2006-01-06 06:24:16

    Yes, this is really good. I like what you've done with it.
  • Beilby // 2006-01-06 11:47:37

    Thanks heaps for the feedback guys. I wasn't 100% sure whether it had worked, even though I enjoyed creating it. And, needless to say I had about 5 different versions before settling on this one. :)

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