The calling crowd
The calling crowd
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More magpies singing up a storm.

5 Comments on "The calling crowd"

  • Bob // 2005-12-03 20:23:35

    Interesting perspective. Works well for this shot
  • nogger // 2005-12-04 06:19:50

    Magpies? Singing? I'm having trouble with this concept. Maybe your maggies are different to ours.
  • Beilby // 2005-12-04 06:58:47

    :) The Australian magpie has one of the most beautiful and varied song repertoires of any bird anywhere. I should see if I can capture it with my video camera sometime. It is a fabulous sound of the Aussie bush.
  • mikhail // 2005-12-05 02:14:16

    great shot!love the warm colors and the framing!
  • Peter // 2005-12-05 13:32:12

    Yes, I have heard them ever since being in Oz, but only recently, when we moved and got a garden, where magpies are residents learnt that it belongs to them. They really singing fabolously (I can hear them while writing these words, only my english isn't good enough to tell how lovely it is, so I leave it to Beilby & his photos.)

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