Fan-tailed cuckoo
Fan-tailed cuckoo
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This juvenile cuckoo is being treated for cat attack injuries at Kanyana Wildlife Hospital. Cuckoos are parasitic breeders - birds that lay their eggs in the nests of other birds - offloading the entire rearing process to surrogate parents. Much like many humans do these days. The fan-tailed cuckoo tends to parasitise the nests of dome shaped nesters such as wrens, warblers and scrubwrens. The yellow ring around his eye is entirely normal. If you are interested in these birds, and have seen their young in other bird's nests, Michael and Lesley Brooker are a couple of retired research scientists who maintain a huge database of cuckoo parisitism observations. I'm sure they would love to hear from you if you have seen this remarkable ornithological process.

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  • SteveO // 2005-09-15 19:01:37

    Nice bird, i like the way its all wrapped up in a blanket. Cool.

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