Orphan coots
Orphan coots
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These two delightful little guys are eurasian coots apparently. I'm not 100% convinced as they look a bit more like the dusky moorhen, or the black-tailed native hen - but I am only going on the pictures in my copy of Slater's Field Guide, so no doubt I am wrong. June Butcher at Kanyana rarely is :) Either way they look wonderful and again show the benefits of using a separate slave flash rather than the pop-up flash on my Lumix.

2 Comments on "Orphan coots"

  • Marty // 2005-08-20 10:34:00

    Amazing colours around their beaks -- it looks as though they've been rooting around in tomato sauce (or paint).
  • gurl // 2005-08-23 16:15:40

    that almost looks like an ad =].. beautiful shot Sensei!

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