When eagles strike
When eagles strike
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Truth - I can't say if this is an eagle, or a hawk, or what. I was heading from visiting a client in Mandurah (an hour south of my place), the sun had just set and I had my camera hanging around my neck as I was sweeping around the 270deg entry ramp from one highway to another on my motorbike, when I spotted this guy hovering and shuffling against the deepening sky. I stopped immediately on the tiny edge strip (something I wouldn't have had a chance at in one of those god-awful car contraptions) and began clicking like mad. Amazingly almost every shot was sharp and well exposed. I shot maybe 60 or 70 pics - he was just so close, it was magic. Camera: Lumix FZ10 :: Shutter: 1/250 sec. :: Aperture: F/3.3 :: Postprocessing: Cropping, levels :: ISO: 50 :: FL: 72 mm (420mm) :: Flash: Not fired ::

2 Comments on "When eagles strike"

  • owen // 2005-02-24 03:35:09

    simply stunning!
  • Bob // 2005-02-24 08:19:39

    Beautiful and simple

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