Cockatoo conundrum
Cockatoo conundrum
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These white tailed black cockatoos have been doing a lot of fly-bys over my house the last few weeks. They are frequently an omen of changing weather; fairly reliably preceeding storms and so on. However, this hasn't been the case these last few times. Whatever the cause, they have caused me to go running outside with the Lumix every time I hear their piercing screeching trying to get close shots of them in flight. I have been largely unsuccesful. This shot was one of the few that actually had birds in the frame. Thank goodness for consectutive firing and digital cameras. :) Camera: Lumix FZ10 :: Shutter: 1/1000 sec. :: Aperture: F/4.6 :: Postprocessing: Cropping only :: ISO: 50 :: FL: 72 mm (420mm) :: Flash: not fired ::

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  • Diana // 2005-02-18 06:52:30

    Your photography? Is very shiny and all kinds of brilliant. Seriously. Perth seems to be a bit of an underappreciated place, if these are anything to go by. I am bad with words, but in general: photos = ooh, ahh. By the way, congratulations on getting the Ben Folds, Radiohead, and Kings of Leon. I am shocked that it took someone so long, and so thanks for tying those up for me ;) Enjoy your weekend!

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