Pink and grey and fast
Pink and grey and fast
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I actually stopped on my way through Lesmurdie to photograph an old rusty windmill today. But once I was there I suddenly noticed a good sized flock of pink and grey galahs, so I had to take a moment to photograph them feeding noisily on the recently cut paddock. This earned me my first taste of parochial splendour in many years. After making gritty noises that challenged the seed munching clamour of the flock, two charming gentlemen stomped across the paddock and demanded to know what I was doing and if I knew this was private property. Standing all of 10 metres from my motorbike, parked on the footpath, I had a job taking them seriously. No fences and no signage told me whoever owned the land was fairly easy going, but clearly this was just their scheming trap to lure unwary wildlife photographers. They assured me everything would have been peachy should I have bothered to come and ask first, but failed to explain how I would determine which of the 5 houses surrounding the paddock was concerned with approving photographer access. I wished them happy new year and departed.

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