Tree Martins
Tree Martins
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Tree Martins (Hirundo nigricans) are hand reared at Kanyana Wildlife, after being presented as orphans. When they are able to feed themselves they will be released back to the wild.

2 Comments on "Tree Martins"

  • VISUAL FIELD // 2004-12-27 12:10:23

    This is adorable. The breast of the bird on the right looks just a little overexposed. Could any more detail be brought out by adjusting the levels?
  • Straynjer // 2004-12-27 15:15:04

    I am a bit guilty of getting too harsh with the top end levels. I think there was originally some more detail in the whites there. I have smacked my wrist and will ensure that doesn't happen again. :). Than ks for all your feedback Visual - always great to hear from you.

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